Monday, April 5, 2010

The Midnight Duel

This chapter is almost all plot (we're over halfway through the book and we're finally getting real plot!) We get a few follow-through tidbits here, the enmity between Harry and Malfoy is cemented and Harry's flying ability is established, however, this chapter is pretty much all about the Philosopher's Stone (I've decided to use the actual names for things and not the dumbed-down names the publishers gave them for us poor, stupid Americans). As this chapter is mostly about advancing the plot for this book, there's very little of note for later in the series.

Since there's really not much foreshadowing or symbolism in this chapter, let's talk about McGonagall and her reaction to Harry's flying. I'm of two minds about it. McGonagall's love of Quiddich is an unexpected character trait that gives her a bit more depth, however, I find her willingness to overlook the rules when it's to her advantage to be disturbing. To be sure, she's not the only teacher to do this, Snape shows blatant favoritism as will Umbridge later, but as a Gryffindor I expect McGonagall to be above such pettiness. Is this fair? Probably not, but I can't help myself.

That's really all I have to say about this chapter. I imagine the next chapter won't be so skint for material. If you have any insights on this chapter you think I've missed, please share. I do so want this to be a discussion rather than a monologue!

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